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Want to create the perfect home for your small pet? Take a look at some of our small pet habitats and accessories. You'll find everything from wire and plastic cages like Guinea Pig Home and Habitrail, OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat, to playpens and feeding accessories like Marshall Small Animal Playpen and Kaytee Hay-N-Food Bin with Quick Locks Small Animal Feeder. After picking the perfect home and fittings, take a look at small pet bedding and liners, as well as litter and litter pans. Make sure to get comfy, cozy beds and small pet hideouts. Don’t forget your small pet toys to get them engaged in activity and fun. We have accessories with a variety of crunchy textures, colors and shapes that even clean and trim your pet's teeth while satisfying the need to chew and gnaw. My Home and pet small pet shop has everything your small pet needs.

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