5 Inch Scented Mixed Berry Pie Candle

Keystone Candle Company

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These 5 inch scented berry pie candles are hand made in a family owned and operated factory here in the U.S.A. These scented candles consist of a base, the crust, and a delicious berry topping. The candle can be burned right inside the pan however it should be placed on heat resistant surface. The base may get hot once the wax is nearly gone and the flame gets near the bottom. Use these delightful pies to decorate in your kitchen or dinning room or give them as house warming gifts.
    What It Smells Like
    A mouth watering blend of sweet strawberries, fresh blueberries straight off the bush, and ripe raspberries backed to perfection in a crispy fresh baked crust, give this pie candle a fresh clean scent.
    Product Specs:
    Burn Time: 30 to 40 hours
    Scent: a perfect blend of synthetic and essential oils
    Wicks: lead free
    Size: 5 in. diameter x 2 in. tall
    Wax Type:paraffin

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